Sports city of the future

Last modified: 22.10.2019

"KBH Idrætsby will be a sporting epicenter for the whole of Copenhagen. A flagship on the Copenhagen sports scene with modern sports facilities, benifitting local citizens as well as the whole of the city."

This is the vision for KBH Idrætsby. Community Drive is part of the development of the sports city of the future, KBH Idrætsby, alongside Valby and Sydhavn sports clubs and football club Frem. An ambitious project over the next 7-15 years, providing rich opportunities for both amateurs and professionals to thrive. The project includes the development of the new Valby Stadium as well as outdoor sports facilities, shops, hotels, restaurants and various other facilities. The inspiration for this active city area comes from, among other places, DGI Byen and Hauser Plads.

Community Drive facilitates the gathering of the lived experience of the local youth and their input on how best to use the new facilities. This is extremely exciting and we cannot wait to get going!